Solicitor Apprenticeships and Mentoring


Apprenticeship Mentoring

Joanna recommends that, at the beginning of their employment, all solicitor apprentices are allocated both a mentor and a peer ‘buddy’ within the employer organisation. This is in addition to any supervisor/mentor provided at the training provider.

Similarly, research has shown that ‘keep warm’ pre-boarding contact and mentoring can be beneficial for both the solicitor apprentice and the employer.

In many cases, mentors at the employer organisation will be sufficient, in some cases supplemented by mentors available through organisation such as the Black Apprentice Network, but there may be reasons why a mentor who has completed the solicitor apprenticeship 6-year programme or an experienced mentor from outside the employer could be beneficial. Clients may find this especially useful when they are running the first year of their solicitor apprenticeship programme. Law firms and in-house legal teams can approach either Joanna or Holly Moore via this website for their professional mentoring services at an hourly rate.

Mentoring with Joanna

Joanna has been mentoring aspiring solicitors, trainee solicitors and qualified solicitors for two decades. In 2019 Joanna received her employer’s Outstanding Contribution Award in London Pro Bono and Community Investment Awards, in large part for her work mentoring young people. In 2020 she received the Mentor of Year Award at the UK Social Mobility Awards, and from January 2022 to January 2024 she was a proud Patron of GROW Mentoring supporting students from all backgrounds to help reduce barriers to the legal profession.

Joanna has volunteered in the past as a Smarter Futures Mentor, Aleto Foundation Mentor, Allen & Overy Mentoring Programme Mentor, volunteer coach for Future Frontiers and volunteer for the upReach Social Mobility Network (a network for those without networks). She would be delighted to work with any solicitor apprentices who have expressed to their employer a need for additional pastoral care.

 “Joanna has a way of inspiring younger people to believe in themselves and brings out the best in everyone she works with. Joanna’s network, industry experience and knowledge of social mobility never fails to inspire and impress me. I learn more through every conversation we have” (Justin Farrance, Founder of GROW Mentoring). 

Mentoring with Holly

Holly Moore was the first in-house solicitor apprentice in the UK and after a six year programme became a qualified solicitor in September 2022. During the first four years of her apprenticeship, she studied towards and obtained a First Class Law Degree from City, University of London, graduating in 2020.

In Holly’s experience, consistent mentoring throughout her solicitor apprenticeship has been a game-changer and an invaluable resource, providing a forum to ask any questions, talk through goals and successfully tackle a huge amount of ‘firsts’.

She feels that mentoring is especially important in the first year of joining the legal industry. Mentoring with Holly would provide a safe space for young people to set goals and express their thoughts, feelings and any potential struggles that they are having with a third party, with whom they may feel more comfortable. 

Holly is a keen advocate for social mobility, and alternative pathways to qualification within the legal profession, and frequently dedicates time to speak, write articles and give interviews to both aspiring solicitors and established professionals.

Holly has an online legal blog: ‘thatlawblog’ to provide insights, experience and advice to a larger audience of aspiring solicitors. The blog is available on Instagram and TikTok.

I cannot recommend Holly highly enough to any employer who wishes to offer their solicitor apprentices the reassuring wisdom of someone who has just completed the 6-year programme (Joanna Hughes). 
Solicitor Apprenticeship Set Up

Solicitor Apprenticeship Set-Up

Joanna can assist with all work streams including choice of training provider, outreach and attraction of talent, recruitment and design of the solicitor apprentice programme

Solicitor Apprenticeship Networking

Solicitor Apprenticeship Networking

Networks are important early in a legal career, and Joanna can help you connect your solicitor apprentices to all available networks and opportunities, or to  create new ones

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Book a call or meeting with Joanna

Joanna’s advisory services on solicitor apprenticeships are available at a daily rate, but there is no charge for an initial call or in-person meeting to discuss your current requirements