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Social Mobility Joanna Hughes

Solicitor apprenticeships emphatically do not have to be about improving socio-economic diversity within the legal profession – they are simply a brilliant route to qualification which allow solicitor apprentices to start building their professional networks earlier and gaining invaluable experience as they work toward their NQ (newly qualified) role.

But as the Social Mobility Commission has said many times, apprenticeships are a powerful social mobility tool.

When it comes to socio-economic diversity in law firms, the Bridge Group 2020 report found that partners at a group of leading law firms in England were “deeply lacking in diversity, and most acutely by socio-economic background”. 53% of partners employed across the participating firms attended an independent school, compared to 7.2% of school children in the UK who attend independent schools. If you do have a socio-economic diversity intention behind the introduction of your solicitor apprenticeship scheme, there are some special considerations. And there are pitfalls to avoid.

For wider advice on social mobility strategies that work for law firms, Joanna can assist initially and then connect you with relevant organisations.

Joanna is a passionate advocate for socio-economic diversity in the legal profession and between May 2021 and November 2022 was a Working Group member of the Government-commissioned City of London Taskforce to boost socio-economic diversity at senior levels in UK financial and professional services.

Joanna is a judge for the UK Social Mobility Awards.

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“Joanna is a key industry contact for social mobility, bringing a breadth of experience, strategic insight and passion to all that she does” (Justin Farrance, Founder of GROW Mentoring).

Solicitor Apprenticeship Set Up

Solicitor Apprenticeship Set-Up

Joanna can assist with all work streams including choice of training provider, outreach and attraction of talent, recruitment and design of the solicitor apprentice programme

Solicitor Apprenticeship Mentoring

Solicitor Apprenticeship Mentoring

Mentors play a big part in the wellbeing of solicitor apprentices. Independent mentoring outside the solicitor apprentice’s employer can be helpful, even before they arrive

Solicitor Apprenticeship Networking

Solicitor Apprenticeship Networking

Networks are important early in a legal career, and Joanna can help you connect your solicitor apprentices to all available networks and opportunities, or to  create new ones